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Janice Buckner is a nationally known children’s performer featuring original songs and children’s favorites, puppets, Sign Language, and movement. Her interactive concerts have delighted audiences across the country for over thirty years and she has produced eleven award winning children CDs known as the Learn Along Song series. For seventeen years, she hosted the nationally acclaimed Learn Along Radio Show out of WRHU which was heard around the world. To learn more about Janice, visit her website at

SAMPLER: Overview of Janice’s Concerts – 5-minutes

Janice Buckner Children’s Performer – Sample of Live Concert Performances (on Website)
Janice Buckner is a national touring artist who entertains audiences with her voice, guitar, original and favorite songs, puppetry, Sign Language and movement. She is one of Long Island’s top children’s performers and offers 22 curriculum and character education for schools, libraries, parks, and festivals.



Hello Hola – Janice Buckner (Original Song for Children) 2:24 minutes
Take a fun filled, musical journey around the world with Janice Buckner and her perky puppets. This fully animated production was created by colleague and friend, Patricia Shih.

Pitch In! – Janice Buckner & Little Jay (Original Song for Mixed Ages)
This original song encourages each one of us to make our world a better place. “Little Jay,”one of Janice’s life size puppet, makes her Ukulele debut in this fully animated greenscreen presentation.

Funga Alafia – Janice Buckner and Life size Puppets
(Traditional Song, Mixed Ages)
Nigerian for “Peace, Welcome,” Janice and her puppets bring this beautiful traditional song to life with full greenscreen background and animation. Janice uses Sign Language, and sings and dances with her full-size puppets. Come to Nigeria with us! Recorded by award winning filmmaker Greg Blank.

Count on Me – Janice Buckner (Original Song for Older Children)
It takes courage to stand up and be counted. We can change the lives of those around us, or like
Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King we can change the lives of people around the world.

Wonderful Women – Janice Buckner (Original Song for Older Children)
Four wonderful women are celebrated and listeners guess who they are. One flew a plane, one led slaves to freedom, one was a nurse who founded the Red Cross, and the fourth was born deaf and blind.

Body Machine – Janice Buckner (Original Song for Young Children)
“Body Machine” – a fun exercise song written for little ones. Kids will be shaking, jumping, marching, hopping, and singing along.

Boogie Woogie Baby Boogie – Janice Buckner (Original Song for Young Children)
Want to dance? This song will have little ones hoppin’ and a rockin’ as well as singing along. Fun hand motions, repeat-after-me lyrics, and all-around silliness make this a favorite for Pre-Schoolers and little ones at home.

I Can Be Somebody – Janice Buckner
(Original Song for Children – Mixed Ages)
This self-esteem song is up-tempo and fun to move to. Kindness is the key to being a special person and each one of us have that ability. This reminds us to use it! Sign Language is taught.

I Can Talk with my Hands – Janice Buckner
(Original Song for Young Children Teaching Sign Language)
This song was written as an introduction to this beautiful language of the hands and heart. Janice’s puppet Charlene teaches simple words in Sign Language for the Deaf so children learn respect for Deaf Culture and acquire a valuable tool for learning.

The Doggie Song – Janice Buckner
(Author Unknown – Song for Young Children)
One of the cutest songs I know, kids are turned into puppies following Janice’s puppy puppet Nahali. Lots of movement and creative play for little ones!

It’s Great to Be Different – Janice Buckner
(Original Song for Young Children)
There’s no two people alike and it’s our differences that makes us special. Animal puppets sing about their uniqueness, for as the chorus says, “It’s Great to Be Different… and Be Proud of Yourself!”

Orangutango – Janice Buckner (Original Song for Young Children)
Have you ever seen a great ape dance? Janice Buckner takes you into the rainforests of Borneo to dance with the Orangutans in Orangutango. So put on your dancing shoes and away we go, swinging through the trees.

Butterfly, Fly – Janice Buckner (Original Song for Young Children)
Do you ever wish you could fly? So did this little caterpillar and wow, was he in for a big surprise! Join along in this fun, finger-playing song, creating the caterpillar with an index finger that crawls on your arm, and then create the butterfly by hooking thumbs together and wiggling your fingers. Unlike the caterpillar, we don’t get to fly with wings, but we have an imagination that can take us anywhere.

The Earth is Our Home – performed by Janice Buckner (Song for Children Mixed Ages)
Janice Buckner performs this beautiful song (author unknown) acapella (voice only, without instruments), using Sign Language for the Deaf and natural hand motions. She invites children to participate by teaching the simple motions while a vibrant graphic of our earth spinning in space create the backdrop for this simple yet powerful song.

Intro to the Habitat Song – performed by Janice Buckner
(Song for Children Mixed Ages) (Listed PRIVATE)
H-A-B-I-T-A-T spells “Habitat” – and it means home. Bill Oliver wrote this incredible song about our beautiful Mother Earth and the creatures that abide here. Janice Buckner gives movements and provides visuals that brings the bounty of our earth to life for children. To view this incredible song written by Bill Oliver and performed by Janice Buckner go to

Have to Have a Habitat – performed by Janice Buckner (Song for Children Mixed Ages)
This fabulous song written by Bill Oliver is a total joy performed by Janice Buckner with movement, lively puppet and dance animation, and high def visuals of animals and environments around the world. Be it the forest, the river, the ocean, the cities, or our backyards, it is our job to protect Mother Earth, for she is our habitat – our home!


At YouTube type in: “Janice Buckner – Songs for Adults”

Before becoming known as a children’s performer, Janice Buckner traveled internationally as a songwriter and Interpretive stylist, known for her unique vocal style and guitar arrangements on a wide pallet of musical genre; Blues, Torch Songs, Jazz, Country, Folk, Classic Rock, and Original Songs. Originally part of the acclaimed duo “Sweet Rose Revue” her credits included the Whitney Museum, the QE II Ocean Liner, the Reichold Center for the Performing Arts in the Virgin Islands, two European tours, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and over 4000 stages and concert halls throughout the United States.

La Vie En Rose – performed by Janice Buckner
“La Vie en Rose” is a remarkable song written by Edith Piaf. The words and melody speak to my heart and I hope it speaks to yours. English sub-titles.

Till There Was You – Performed by Janice Buckner
Often thought of as a Beatles’ composition, “Till There Was You” was a show tune written in 1950 by Meredith Wilson. It appeared in “The Music Man” in 1957 and was introduced to a new generation by the Beatles and later by Rod Stewart. Watercolor paintings are by the incredible Ward Hooper, a Long Island artist who lives in Northport, NY and has become a dear friend.

Bye Bye Blackbird – Performed by Janice Buckner
This classic song, so reminiscent of the Depression era, was actually written in 1924 by Ray Hendersen (melody) and Mort Dixon (lyrics). Many thanks to my dear artist friend Ward Hooper for his beautiful watercolor paintings which grace the production. Here’s to you, Blackbirds and wanderers everywhere – may you find your way home!

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) – Performed by Janice Buckner
In 1970, Don McLean was 20 years old teaching music in a school in Stockbridge. He wrote the lyrics to this song on a paper bag during a lunch break. This song goes out to those who are struggling or feel invisible or misunderstood. May you find your beauty within and add it to a world that deeply needs it.

From a Distance – Performed and Signed by Janice Buckner
“From a Distance” was written by Julie Gold in 1985 and was recorded by Bette Midler in 1990. I remember hearing Bette Midler’s version and thinking it was one of the most beautiful songs I’d ever heard. During those years I was at the height of my performing career as a singer/songwriter and interpretive stylist. I was, traveling internationally as part of the duo Sweet Rose Revue. I was also studying Sign Language as I became friendly with a community of hearing-impaired folks – they started out as my teachers. In 1992, I lost my voice on tour while in Ohio and sang until I bled – literally. I came back with a blood clot on my vocal cords and the top vocal specialist in NYC (Dr. Gould) said the only solution to not permanently damaging my voice was to not speak or sing for three months ‘ “There is nothing that important you have to say,” he said. He was right! So, I hung out with my hearing-impaired friends and my Sign got better and my singing voice returned. Linda Fenske, who never spoke a word in her life, coached me in the ASL Sign for this song. I hope you enjoy this beautiful “dance of the hands,” which I call this amazing language of the hands and heart.

Satin Doll – Performed by Janice Buckner
Written over seventy years ago in 1953 by Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and Jonny Mercer, this playful jazz piece is a vocalist’s and musician’s delight. As bar chords slide from minors to majors, I loved reflecting on the many forms and shapes of romance. Enjoy the sounds and images!

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