ALL ABOARD THE LEARN ALONG TRAIN is a colorful fantasy journey through song which reinforces basic learning skills such as rhyming, repetition, quick memory recall, sequencing and hand and body coordination. Puppets, storytelling and continual audience participation add to this lively concert. It’s the most popular show for pre-schoolers. (pre- sch. – 3rd)

SAFE NOT SORRY explores issues of household and environmental safety, personal hygiene, nutritional awareness, street safety, saying no to drug abuse, dealing with strangers and distinguishing between good and bad touch. Safety songs are solution oriented and age appropriate.
Grade Level: pre-K-3, 4-6

PARTY TO THE BEAT OF BOOKS celebrates many genres: mysteries, histories, biographies, fiction, science fiction and more, encouraging student to read, Read, READ! (K-2,3-6)

THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO TO TELL A STORY uses song, puppetry, Sign Language and movement to encourage students to be their own storytellers. (K-2,3-6)

WONDERFUL WOMEN – THEN AND NOW celebrates women such as Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, Sojourna Truth, Anne Frank, Amelia Earhart, Mother Teresa and the moms, teachers and role models who influence us daily! Uplifting for boys as well as girls. Excellent for Women’s History Month.
Grade Level: pre-K-3, 4-6

SING ME A STORY uses puppets, songs, movement and Sign Languages to excite children’s imaginations. (Pre-K and K)

MAKING FRIENDS focuses on kindness, sharing, being, a good friend and learning to be a part of the group. (Pre-K and K)

teaches Sign Language and Deaf awareness through song and distinguishes forms of verbal and non-verbal communication. This beautiful language gives students a chance to sing with their hands and hearts as well as their voices. It’s an excellent introduction to Deaf culture and language.
Grade Level: pre-K-3, 4-6

EVERYBODY’S SPECIAL is about discovering one’s own uniqueness, respecting others, dealing with peer pressure, bullying and being there for others. (K-2, 3-6)

PEACE AROUND THE WORLD is about peace beginning at home, in the classroom, with our families and building step by step for World Peace. Excellent for Winter Holidays and MArtin Luther King Day. (K-2)

FAMILIES- YOURS & MINE is about diversity and many cultures, traditions and life styles that come together to make each community unique. A wonderful choice for a family event. (K-2, 3-6)

DELIBERATE ACTS OF KINDNESS puts the golden rule into action! It’s about making intentional choices every day of our lives to help others. Students’ essays and stories are woven into the show. Excellent for National Random Acts of Kindness Week, Valentine’s Day, to kick off the school year and sensitivity awareness towards others year round.
Grade Level: K-12

SAY NO TO DRUGS! SAY YES TO LIFE is designed for Substance Abuse Awareness Programs and includes finding positive role models, not succumbing to peer pressure and doing what’s right. Excellent for Red Ribbon Week. (K-2, 3-6)

CHRISTMAS, CHANUKAH, HALLOWEEN, MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY and more… Concerts are designed to include festive songs, costumes and props. Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa can be interwoven or featured separately, with traditional favorites or songs having a universal message. The Thanksgiving Day concert focuses on being “Thankful” and “Giving” – being with family and thinking of others. The Halloween Show culminates in a festive costume parade. Book early – Shows in demand!
Grade Level: pre-K – 6

SONGS OF THE EARTH’S COMMUNITY is a lively songfest about the importance of protecting and nurturing our environment to create a healthier, cleaner world. Excellent for Spring and Earth Day celebrations. (K-2,3-6)

WORKING CREATIVELY TOGETHER demonstrates the importance of teamwork in all walks of life, focusing on respect, understanding one another and getting along with people. Students learn the value of working and playing well in groups and adopting a “win – win” philosophy. Excellent for teaching conflict resolution skills.
Grade Level: pre-K-3, 4-6

SONGS OF THE DIFFERENTLY ABLED is learning about the physically, emotionally and mentally challenged and helps student realize that all of us have varying abilities. It teaches us to see the strength in each individual, not just the weakness. (K-2, 3-6)

Anti-Bullying Concert “Stand Up and Be Counted” focuses on making intentional choices to stop bullying, as it adversely affects ourselves and others. It is an empowering concert that teaches students to speak up and be heard – to reach out and help one another. Students learn that there is power in numbers and in doing what is right. They learn how to motivate others to join together to counteract bullying behavior. Excellent at the onset of the school year, and year round to constructively change behaviors.
Grade Level: K-3, 4-6

SPECIAL REQUEST? Shows are continually added! Have Janice design a show for you! Tell her about your event, your character education program or your curriculum based needs and she will design a show specially for you (often at no extra cost!). Workshops and residencies can also be designed for existing and new shows.
All ages and grade levels

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